Hello there

Welcome to the start of my journey writing this blog (patience may be required as I would be lying if I told you I knew what I was doing).
I hope to inspire people who are not only new and transitioning to veganism, those vegan veterans and of course people who are meat eaters that just fancy a plant based sweet or savoury dish! My aim is to change people’s perception on this lifestyle for the better – much to my boyfriend’s disgust.
It’s only recently that I have converted to a plant based diet which means I am learning a whole new way of eating, which is proving exciting and actually a lot more easier than expected. It’s nowhere near as restrictive as some people describe and the best part is that you and carbs become the best of friends. I’ll be documenting my dishes showing you how I am experimenting and learning to cook with whole plant based foods and how easy it is to do so.
But why vegan? I mainly made the change following a series of digestive related troubles and it turns out my body is a lot happier not having to digest all of the meat. So here I am, a while on without consuming any meat, eggs or dairy and touch wood I haven’t rocked the 7 months pregnant bloat look like I used to, anywhere near as much.

 Little to no culinary expertise is needed to follow these recipes so I hope you give them a try and let me know your thoughts.
Luce x



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