Choc Chip Protein Balls

perfect pre/post workout coming right up

Back with some no bake protein filled goodies which are perfect for a healthy snack or pre/post workout treat. Disclaimer – they taste really good on oats as well.

These protein balls are super quick and easy to make with minimal ingredients required. They are free from eggs, dairy and refined sugars. Plus if you use gluten free oat flour they are suitable for coeliac’s also.

I love anything that can be stored and eaten straight from the freezer. The cold and chewiness is great. Need a little pick me up but want it to be healthy and filling? Look no further.

makes approx. 8 balls
takes approx. 40 minutes

80g of oat flour (oats blitzed in food processor)
1/2 scoop of vegan protein (I used salted caramel flavour from awesomesupps)
40g dark chocolate chips
3 tablespoons of almond butter
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
4 tablespoons of almond milk (or dairy-free alternative)

1. In a large mixing bowl, add your dry ingredients and combine (oat flour, vegan protein and dark chocolate chips).
2. In another mixing bowl add your wet ingredients and combine (almond butter, maple syrup and almond milk).
3. Pour your wet ingredients into your dry ingredients and combine.
4. On a baking tray lined with parchment paper, roll your mixture into approx. 8 30g balls and then place in freezer for approx. 30 minutes to set.
If the mixture is too sticky to roll, wet your fingers before each roll.

Store in fridge/freezer (I prefer freezer) and consume within 2 weeks.

Enjoy! – share and tag your creations with me on Instagram @whatluceeats



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