About me

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Hi I’m Luce, currently living in London and I am mad about food!

My journey began when I left my family home and moved in with my boyfriend. And at the age of 22, it was about time I learned how to cook some standard meals and fend for myself. I quickly fell in love with cooking and baking, and found it was my way of relaxing after a long day in the office.

Following a number of issues with digestion and after numerous tests, my doctor advised me to attempt to cut out meat and dairy and see if it helps. I went cold turkey over night, adopting a vegan diet, and over a year on, I have never looked back. My digestive issues quickly disappeared, I have more energy, my digestion has improved greatly and I feel so much better in myself.

I started this blog to share my new journey of learning how to make nutritious yet delicious vegan dishes, and along the way have found a passion for food styling and photography. My aim is to inspire others in the kitchen and show how easy it is to make tasty plant based dishes!

Luce x